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7th Annual l-ds Innovative Practices Lecture

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7th Annual l-ds Innovative Practices Lecture

Every semester the Rice School of Architecture hosts a series of lectures featuring outstanding individuals who have a tremendous impact on what we do and how we think. l-ds is pleased to have sponsored their seventh annual innovative practices lecture at Rice University, Spring 2017.

Anne Lacaton

Co-founder, Lacaton & Vassal, Paris
Invent Space for Uses

Established in Paris in 1987 by Anne Lacaton and Jean-Phillippe Vassal, the practice follows the approach of “Never demolish, never remove or replace, always add, transform, and reuse.” Rejecting the common practice of demolishing deteriorated housing projects, Lacaton presented innovative alternatives of cost-efficient renovation. Always striving to provide more, the practice manages to stretch budgets beyond the norm, creating generous spaces. Their goal is “to use economy in order to do the maximum to increase freedom and living possibilities for families that don’t necessarily have much money.” With their other projects as well, they create inventive designs by maximizing adaptable spaces with no specific programmatic function for greater freedom of use. Understanding that transforming existent spaces enhances the identity and culture of the area, builders and designers can greatly learn from Lacaton’s inspirational projects.