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About Us

llewelyn-davies sahni (l-ds) is an award-winning, Houston-based architectural, planning and urban design consulting firm. It was organized as a Texas Corporation in 1980, after having operated as the Houston branch of Llewelyn-Davies Associates since 1975. llewelyn-davies sahni currently has a multidisciplinary staff in the fields of architecture, financial analysis, planning, program management, and urban design in the Houston office. The firm is affiliated with Llewelyn-Davies offices in London and works throughout the United States and internationally. The firm has performed professional work in various states including California, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, and New York.  llewelyn-davies sahni is a registered Minority Business Enterprise with the City of Houston, the City of San Antonio, the City of Austin, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO), and is currently HUB certified with the State of Texas.

Key Personnel

Randhir Sahni, AIA

Randhir Sahni, AIA


With more than 35 years of professional experience, Randhir has participated in numerous large-scale projects in Texas, the United States and overseas. He has wide-ranging experience in large-scale multi-use developments including programming, planning, urban design, architecture, property disposition studies, and development advisory service.

Ranjan Roy, AICP

Ranjan Roy, AICP

Practice Director

Ranjan has more than 19 years of experience in the fields of architecture, urban design, planning and economic development. He is an expert in the field of computer visualizations, including 3D computer modeling and animation, which are used during the analysis and synthesis of complex urban forms, large urban design development and complex architecture design development processes.

Jennifer Mak

Jennifer Mak

Project Mgr + Dir of Marketing

Jennifer has more than 8 years of wide-ranging experience. She is involved in site and environmental analysis, schematic design, engineering systems coordination, design development, project coordination, management of master plan documents and project related graphics presentations.

Rhonda L. Elsner

Rhonda L. Elsner

Associate + Dir of Admin

Rhonda has over 25 years of experience in Accounting and in Administration.  She is in charge of daily office operations, HR, all accounting aspects and is a member of SDA Houston.  Rhonda has been a vital member of the l-ds team for over 13 years.

Overview of Services

l-ds brings together a multi-disciplinary team of planners, urban designers, architects, interior designers, and professional specialists such as financial analysts to each client assignment. The firm has successfully completed numerous projects for various public and private sector clients. Since 1980, l-ds has provided programming, planning, and architectural services for more than $2.0 billion of projects.

Program + Project Management
The quality of our built environment is dependent on many factors. While design excellence is clearly one, the management of the program and the delivery process is responsible for success measured in terms of budgets, schedules and programs. We recognize that the program development and building process has become increasingly complex, particularly with regard to projects of scale which have multiple constituencies and requirements. Responding to these needs and using a long history of success with complex building and development programs, we have developed simple, flexible, yet comprehensive processes to meet the needs of our clients and their programs. We offer services in the following five categories: Program Development Services, Management Services, Planning Services, Facilities Services, and Project Audit and Review Services
Programming is the basic foundation of any design process that starts with master planning. How else does one know how to evaluate the scope of the project, assess its expectations, or measure its degree of success at the master planning, design phase and final product levels? l-ds starts from a simple framework of “issue identification” that allows the programmer / planner / architect to guide the development of the program, whether the project be modest or one of significant scale and complexity.
Planning + Urban Design

No where is there a need to anticipate change greater than in planning + urban design. Most projects of this nature are carried out over 10 to 20-year periods and involve the phased development of large land areas. We assist our clients with project feasibility and financing methods, strategic planning, master planning, urban design and project management. Our experience in managing the public/private coordination process ensures the successful implementation of complex projects for national, regional, and local governments, as well as some of the most prestigious corporate developers. The firm has won several awards for its work in architecture, planning, urban design, design guidelines, and design management and implementation.

Architecture + Interiors
l-ds provides architectural design services for commercial, institutional, industrial, and mixed-use projects including individual buildings or multi-building campuses. Good design requires strong analytical skills and creative design, backed by an equally strong management process. We emphasize all three elements as a way to achieve a high level of functional and aesthetic quality within a client’s budget and schedule of objectives. Our services are comprehensive, ranging from project feasibility, programming, site planning, interior design, architectural design, construction documentation, and administration. This enables us to serve our clients from the earliest stage of their projects through occupancy.
Development Advisory
In addition to traditional architectural services, l-ds offers development advisory services to its clients on the overall development of a project – strategic, financial, sustainable and functionality. In today’s world of high costs, it is most beneficial to decide upfront if your project will provide you the best return on your investment; if the design and planning efforts meet your needs not only today but tomorrow and the next; and if your project has been managed and implemented to ensure you every effort has been made to provide you an efficient, environmentally-sensitive, and sustainable facility. A good design is just that – a good design – addressing FUNCTION, EMOTION and GROWTH. On the other hand, a good design that has been strategically managed will incorporate CAPACITY, CHARACTER and SUSTAINABILITY.
[showmodule id=”7389″]The key to success that underlines all our services is the ability to communicate visually. l-ds prides itself for being at the cutting edge of technology. We communicate ideas in a clear, legible, and interactive fashion with the use of integrated CAD, 3D, graphic, animation, and web design software.

Selected Client Lists


    • AMAX, Inc.
    • American Bank
    • American Express
    • Atlantic Richfield Company
    • Becker-Paribas (Merrill Lynch)
    • Boise Cascade Corporation
    • Booze Allen & Hamilton
    • Brown & Root
    • CB Commercial
    • Chase Manhattan Bank
    • Chemical Bank
    • Citicorp
    • Commonwealth Savings Corporation
    • Corning Glass
    • Enron Corporation
    • Exxon Company, USA
    • Houston Belt & Terminal Railroad
    • Inter-Continental Hotel Corporation
    • Loral Corporation
    • Salamon Brothers
    • S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
    • Tenneco Natural Gas Liquids
    • Turner Collie & Braden
    • Wallace and Wallace Chemical and Oil Corporation


    • Arlen Realty and Development Corporation
    • Cadillac Fairview Urban Development, Inc.
    • Caribbean Club, Cayman Islands, B.W.I
    • Century Magnolia Investment Properties, Inc.
    • Champion Realty Corporation
    • Continental Development Corporation
    • Donald L. Huber Corporation
    • Friendswood Development Company
    • Gerald Hines Interests
    • Highland Development Corporation
    • International Theater Development Corporation / IMAX
    • MC Management and Development Company, Inc.
    • New York State Urban Development Corporation
    • Olympia and York Properties, Ltd.
    • Pin Oak Partners, Ltd.
    • Raymond Nasher Company
    • Riverside Development Corporation
    • Scott Hudgens Company
    • Tenneco Realty, Inc.
    • Trishman Realty and Construction Company
    • Urban Investment and Development Company
    • Ward Hunt
    • Westchase Corporation
    • The Woodlands Corporation

Private Sector Associations

  • Allegheny Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Downtown Development Association, Rosenburg, Texas
  • Downtown Owner’s Association, San Antonio, Texas
  • Fourth Ward Owner’s Association, Houston, Texas
  • Harris County Improvement District No. 1, UPTOWN, Houston, Texas


    • Allegany County, New York
    • Brazoria County, Texas
    • Bryan Business Council, Bryan, Texas
    • California Division of Highways
    • City of Bellaire, Texas
    • City of Baytown, Texas
    • City of Brenham, Texas
    • City of Dayton, Ohio
    • City of Houston, Texas
    • City of Kansas City, Missouri
    • City of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    • City of Newport, Kentucky
    • City of Palacios, Texas
    • City of Poughkeepsie, New York
    • City of Pueblo, Colorado
    • City of San Antonio, Texas
    • City of Seabrook, Texas
    • City of Tucson, Arizona
    • Commonwealth of Virginia
    • Department of Transport and Public Works, Puerto Rico
    • East Montgomery County Economic Development District, Montgomery County, Texas
    • Harris County, Texas
    • Houston Parks Board
    • Houston Independent School District
    • Metro Transportation Commission, San Francisco, CA
    • METRO, Houston, Texas
    • National Institute of Health
    • Province of Ontario, Canada
    • State of Louisiana, Division of Administration
    • Texas Department of Transportation
    • U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare
    • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
    • Urban Development Corporation – New York
    • Veteran’s Administration, Washington, D.C.
    • VIA Metropolitan Transit, San Antonio, Texas
    • Agency for International Development (AID)
    • Asian Development Bank
    • Banco Nacional de Vivienda, Dominican Republic
    • Government of Colombia, South America
    • International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)
    • Ministry of Housing, Province of Ontario, Canada
    • Ministry of Public Works, Venezuela
    • National Houston Authority of Philippines
    • Post Office Staff Superannuation Fund, London, UK
    • United Nations Development Programme

History Timeline

  1. 1968

    Llewelyn-Davies Associates (LDA), an affiliated office of Llewelyn-Davies Weeks, Forester Walker, Bor opens in New York in response to the US Congress authorized New Town development program by providing a $50 million guarantee for 50 new towns.

    Richard Llewelyn-Davies, Marietta Tree & John Weeks are named partners of LDA.

  2. 1971

    Gerald Hines Interests, internationally known developer, commissions LDA to provide development advisory and planning services for a 5,000 acre parcel located in southwest Houston. The success of the project allows the parcel to be expanded over time to cover 9,000 acres and is renamed First Colony. Subsequently, First Colony is incorporated into the City of Sugarland and grows to over 100,000 in population.

  3. 1972

    LDA wins a number of new town planning and urban center redevelopment engagements, including: Waikoloa Development, Waikoloa, Hawaii; Toledo City Center, Toledo, OH; Sycamore Creek, Cincinnati, OH; Bathgate Redevelopment Plan, Bronx, NY; New Community Plan for Amherst, NY; Shenandoah New Town, near Atlanta; GA; and Libertyville Development, Libertyville, IL for UIDC.

  4. 1974

    The healthcare consulting practice expands with the work on Virginia Commonwealth University Campus master plan, Richmond, VA.

  5. 1975

    LDA is commissioned by the Department of Health, State of Louisiana to develop a strategic plan for the 1,800-bed public hospital, followed by a physical master plan for the a complex of health facilities including: Tulane University Hospital; and VA Medical Center.

    LDA develops enhanced street level activity on 86th Street, New York City, NY.

  6. 1976

    LDA is hired to plan for the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York and to develop New York City’s application for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

    UIDC hires LDA to develop a land disposition plan for 100+ acre site north of CBD Atlanta.

    LDA completes urban design study for 12th Street, Kansas City, Kansas.

  7. 1977

    Topeka, Kansas based Menninger Foundation retains the service of LDA to develop strategies for redeployment of their real estate assets.

    LDA hires Randhir Sahni.

    The 42nd Street Redevelopment Corp. retains the LDA to make recommendations for the revitalization of a two-block area containing the New Amsterdam and Victory Theater Buildings.

    LDA is selected as the consultant by Dallas Methodist Hospital and St Luke’s Hospital of Racine Wisconsin, to develop functional plans followed by design services.

    LDA is hired by Chemical Bank to review its real estate holdings and to develop a disposition plan for disposal of the properties. These properties are located in 8 different states.

    LDA is selected to design a new private hospital in Caracas, Venezuela.

  8. 1978

    LDA is identified as the consultant retained for development of the long term plan for the forensic detention center for the State of Louisiana in Angola, LA.

    LDA prepares plans for a NICU/CCU unit for Ben Taub General Hospital, the teaching facility for Baylor College of Medicine.

    Alleghany Conference retained LDA to develop a plan for the Penn Liberty area in CBD Pittsburg, PA.

  9. 1979

    LDA hired by Tenneco Realty to provide development advisory, planning & urban design services for a key 42-acres block of land in UPTOWN Houston. Tenneco Realty was able to strategically maximize the asset value, which could then be retailed parcel by parcel to meet the market needs while maintaining the intent of the master plan of Post Oak Park located within the Galleria/UPTOWN Area.

    LDA completes work on Shahestan Pahlavi- a 2,000 acre development in Teheran, Iran.

  10. 1980

    Randhir Sahni named a partner with Llewelyn Davies. Llewelyn-Davies Sahni (l-ds) is founded as a Texas corporation.

  11. 1981

    l-ds is commissioned by Harris County Hospital District (HCHD) with 3 hospitals and 8 outpatient clinics, to develop a system wide strategic as well as physical master plan for the year 2000. l-ds recommends 2 replacement hospitals at a program cost of $300 million.

    l-ds is identified as the lead consultant for the review of commercial properties located in the north-east, Chicago, west coast and Texas owned by The British Post Office Pension Fund.

    After a brief illness Richard Llewelyn-Davies passes away in London.

    A joint venture of Houston based Texas Eastern Transmission/Cadillac Fairview of Canada hires l-ds to develop a master plan for its 32-block property on the east side of CBD Houston to encourage the City of Houston to locate the George Brown Convention Center in the area.

    Completion of the development study for The Crescent, a 102-acre parcel in Farmers Market, TX. Mary Kay Cosmetics offers $5/SF for 20 acres for core parcel.

  12. 1982

    Mayor Whitmire agrees with l-ds recommendations including development of a 1,200 room convention hotel, a central open space and 12 million SF of built space to be built on 32-city blocks in CBD Houston.

    l-ds completes the master plan for the 1,800 acre development planned due south of city of Conroe for Exxon, USA.

    l-ds completes the development strategy studies, urban design and marketing studies for the 42-acre project called Post Oak Park. The complex attracts Rosewood Hotels to the project, and 5-star hotel.

    l-ds is commissioned by Ward Hunt to work on his portfolio of properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

    In joint venture with Davis Brody, l-ds completes the ARCO, now BP research facility at New Town, PA.

  13. 1983

    300-patient bed tower is completed at Yale New Haven Medical Center.

  14. 1984

    l-ds leads a major programming, planning, design and construction administration effort for the $107 million replacement facility of the Ben Taub General Hospital, the leading provider of emergency and trauma services in the greater Houston area.

    l-ds selected through a limited competition to develop plans for this 84-acre parcel called Meyer Park, as a mixed use center, consisting of residential, retail and office functions.

  15. 1985

    l-ds assists with a long-range strategic facilities development program for Charity Hospital of New Orleans, the city’s largest and most complex facility featuring a major trauma center and teaching hospitals utilized by Louisiana State University and Tulane Medical School.

    Harris County Hospital District selects the l-ds team firm to provide full architectural and engineering services for the new $54 million, 350-bed 423,000 square foot Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital.

    l-ds prepares several phased-unit options based on a market study of the Lake Woodlands Development for The Woodlands Development Company. Special care is taken to plan for the integration of future buildings into the thickly-wooded site; to provide a pedestrian system connecting neighborhoods to lake amenities; and to control views across the lake.

    The San Antonio Downtown Tri-Party Group hires l-ds as Design Management Consultants for its $41 million Transportation Improvement Project. The scope of work includes preparing mandatory and discretionary design guidelines, which enable several designers to work on a complex network of streets and public spaces.

    At the request of the residents l-ds completes a review of the development plan for 4th Ward Houston, Texas.

  16. 1986

    l-ds participated in the development of the Framework Plan for Galleria/UPTOWN which becomes the basis of the formation of the Harris County Improvement District #1.

    Completion of the master plan for Worldwide Safari, Conroe, Texas.

  17. 1987

    l-ds participates in the creation of a low budget, high impact concept to make the Galleria and Uptown area in Houston stand out during the holiday season. Uptown Holiday Project wins a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Houston Chapter, AIA, the Municipal Art Commission and the American Society of Landscape Architects.

    Ben Taub General Hospital – 550 beds is commissioned. It becomes the primary teaching facility for Baylor College of Medicine.

  18. 1988

    Lyndon Baines Johnson Hospital is completed in record time and under budget. It becomes the primary teaching facility for University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston.

  19. 1989

    l-ds is commissioned to provide professional services to St Mary’s Hospital in Apple Valley, CA.

    l-ds completes the Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Complex in south Houston.

  20. 1990

    l-ds designs the eight illuminated sculptures to commemorate the 1990 Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations held in Houston. The project takes four months to fund and two days to build. The project wins numerous awards including: – 1990 Environmental Improvements Award, Best of Show. – 1990 Honor Award – Graphic Design, Texas Society of Architects. – 1990 Honor Award – Urban Design, Houston Chapter, American Institute of Architects. – 1990 Distinguished Achievement Award – Grand Award, Most Innovative, Houston Chapter American Institute of Architects.

    State of Louisiana rehires l-ds to review the physical plants of all eight hospitals in the Charity System located in mid and south Louisiana.

    l-ds completes the El Franco Lee Park baseball facility.

    Harris County and city of Houston Parks Departments commission to master plan: Deussen Park; Keith Wise Park; Hutchenson Park; Stude Park; Herman Brown Park; McGregor Park and Eisenhower Park.

  21. 1991

    Triparty Streets project located in CBD San Antonio is completed and wins the APA award.

    American River Hospital Carmichael, CA hires l-ds to upgrade the Trauma Center and add beds to the existing hospital based on need.

    Strategic & physical master plan for University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, Texas.

    Functional analysis and programming for the San Antonio Chest Hospital.

    A new community plan for a 2,000-acre development near the Belize City airport.

  22. 1991

    A transit related study was funded by FTA. l-ds lead a team of 8 consultants to determine the feasibility of the use of light rail to move people through the UPTOWN area. Resulting from the study was the formation of the Harris County Improvement District #1 which has funded area improvements over the last 20 years.

  23. 1992

    l-ds provides healthcare consulting services to Mercy San Juan and Mercy American Hospital located Sacramento, CA.

    A private developer retains l-ds to develop a mixed use center including an IMAX theater adjacent to the Treasury Building in old San Juan.

  24. 1993

    l-ds is selected to prepare the Comprehensive Plan, and the Economic Development Plan for the City of Seabrook.

    l-ds secures its first K-12 project from Houston Independent School District and subsequently works on over a dozen different schools and support facilities over the decade.

  25. 1994

    State of Louisiana identifies l-ds as the firm to lead the effort to determine the feasibility of purchase and redevelopment of an existing general hospital to complement the Charity Hospital Complex to serve the needs of indigent patients.

    Campus master plan for UH at Fort Bend.

    Exxon USA and Friendswood Development Company hire l-ds to develop a F.D.C. ‘city plan’, Baton Rouge, LA.

    l-ds presented the concept of using unconventional bridge design over SH59 to welcome visitors from the south, the idea was endorsed by Mayor Linear and adopted by TxDot.

    l-ds develops plans for redevelopment of an existing Motel building into an AIDS Clinic.

  26. 1995

    l-ds is one of four architectural teams selected by Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) to prepare detailed design for streets in downtown and midtown Houston.

    l-ds selected by City of Newport, KY to develop a waterfront activity center on a designated 15-acre site.

    l-ds develops a Comprehensive Plan for the City of Seguin.

    l-ds completes the MTBE laboratory for Tenneco Inc.

  27. 1997

    City of Houston engages l-ds to develop criteria and select a new site for the EPA mandated Central Water Testing Laboratory. Subsequently the firm is asked to develop a detailed program for the 40,000 SF facility that can expand by 20,000 SF over time.

  28. 1998

    As a member of a large team l-ds is assigned the design lead for the redevelopment of the south side of Buffalo Bayou Trails from Wortham Center to Alan’s Landing.

  29. 1999

    l-ds develops a long-term plan for the City of Houston’s Theater District involving transportation, land use, residential development, commercial activity, entertainment activity and open-space treatment.

  30. 2000

    Southwestern Bell now AT&T retains l-ds to evaluate its building that housed the Data Center in west Houston to evaluate its viability in a CAT 3 hurricane. As a result of the study the Center was moved to Dallas.

  31. 2001

    l-ds is chosen to develop a new master plan for Houston’s Hobby Airport to accommodate changing airside needs and resultant landslide requirements. This effort will guide the Houston Airport System in redevelopment of the airport over the next 10-years at an anticipated cost of $1 billion.

    l-ds provides programming, functional planning and design services for the conversion of a VA nursing unit into an Ambulatory Surgery Center. Subsequently, the firm was asked to provide services to water tight the envelope of the 1.2 million SF facility.

    City of Houston hired the firm to analyze the areas and openings that caused the CBD pedestrian tunnel system to flood. Subsequently, the firm provided design services for installation of flood gates at a number of critical locations.

  32. 2002

    Hurricane Allison caused serious damage to University of Texas Health Science Center Medical College Building in TMC, flooding the basement-animal research area and the first floor-the student classroom & lecture room area. l-ds was commissioned to provide remedial programming & design work and was responsible for developing ADA & life safety analysis for the 9-story building.

  33. 2003

    Metro streets redevelopment complete.

    l-ds is retained to strategic growth & development options for American National bank in Southwest Houston.

    Design and development of a new Whitney Bank branch in north Houston.

    Land use impact study for San Antonio Airports.

    l-ds provides space planning and programming services to renovate an existing space in an administrative building into the Houston Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery.

  34. 2004

    l-ds is selected to provide landscape and architectural design for a Gulfgate Enhancement project, commissioned by the City of Houston, TxDOT, and Wulfe & Co. from a Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program grant. l-ds designs the aesthetic enhancement and refurbishment of an existing pedestrian bridge to serve a as a focal point.

    l-ds as member of a team is retained to provide facility programming services for 11 buildings identified in the 2004 Houston Community College Bond program

  35. 2005

    Subsequent to the facility programming process, Houston Community College retains l-ds to provide master planning services for 2 new and 5 existing campuses.

  36. 2006

    Nathdwara Temple-Gateway to Heaven construction completed. Inspiration was derived from Gujarat/Rajasthan Schools of Hindu architecture for this 42,000 SF. facility located on a 7-acres site in Southwest Houston. l-ds also provided management, programming, and construction documentation services.

    Houston Eye Associates selects l-ds to design and manage the conversion of an administrative building into its new ambulatory surgical center.

    l-ds is a team member working on the METRO’s Intermodal Facility north of the Buffalo Bayou on Main Street. Located on a 30-acre site this multi-level, $150 million facility will serve heavy rail, freight trains, light rail, regional and local bus traffic.

    The professional role of l-ds was expanded to develop and provide Houston Community College with system-wide infrastructure standards, followed by detailed implementation plans for buildings as well as supporting infrastructure. This effort is expected to cost $63 million.

    l-ds designs a master plan for the Houston Community College for the successful expansion of the Central Campus including renovation of San Jacinto High School and the redevelopment of green space to enhance campus life.

    l-ds is part of a large multi-disciplined team selected by METRO Solutions for the design of Houston’s University Corridor.

    l-ds completes City of Houston initiated improvements to Austin Street, Houston, Texas.

    As part of the Bush Intercontinental master planning team, l-ds takes the lead in developing an Image Plan for the Airport.

  37. 2007

    l-ds is commissioned by an international gas and power company (name withheld at request of client) to provide complete interior design services for 16th floor in a downtown Houston building.

    The firm is commissioned by Houston Community College to develop an understanding of the anticipated student participation in the coming 15 years for all 6 colleges.

    Working closely with the San Jacinto High School Alumni the firm is developing plans for the $4.7 million dollar Star Plaza to be located in the heart of Midtown Houston. When completed, it is anticipated this plaza will be the major activity center of the college as well as Midtown.

    Houston Community College retains l-ds to negotiate the location and development parameters of the METRO stations that will serve the Central College as well as West Loop campus of Southwest College.

    l-ds provides expert witness services to TxDot for Right of Way Acquisition cases during expansion of IH10 and SH288.

  38. 2008

    l-ds is asked by Texas Southern University to undertake the Beautification Program for the main entrance into the campus prior to the inauguration of its new president.

    Phase I improvements at the HCC Northline Campus of Northeast College are complete in record time. Property acquisition commenced in 2006, facility occupied in 2008.

  39. 2009

    Update of the Texas Southern University Master Plan, development of the Technology Building and renovation of Pharmacy Building – Gray hall.

    l-ds completes Phase I planning and design services for HCC’s Stafford Campus of Southwest College.

    Redevelopment of the TSU Plaza to encourage use and interaction among students.

  40. 2010

    l-ds provides analysis, design and management services to Texas Southern University related to Hurricane Ike mitigation work.

    HCC Central Campus Book Store relocation is completed to make room for the Star Plaza.

    HCC South Campus Phase I infrastructure and flood mitigation work is completed to allow for joint use of improvements by HCC, City of Houston residents and the Dynamos.

    Phase I improvements for HCC Northeast Campus at Northeast College are complete.

    Completed construction of Main Campus spine at HCC’s Southeast Campus.

    The redevelopment of the TxDot ROW and pedestrian bridge across IH 610 is completed.

    A new 10-acre Drennan Campus in near east side Houston is completed for use by HCC and HISD.

    Low Impact Development, Design Competition Finalist – Urban Redevelopment Design Challenge/Bastrop Promenade.

  41. 2011

    l-ds identified as the lead design firm to provide planning, design and CA services for 3 streets adjacent to HCC Central Campus that serves 23,000 students.

    l-ds completes programming of the Technology Building for Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas.

    Programming completed for the Workforce Building at the Houston Community College, Eastside Campus, Houston, Texas.

    Master Plan completed for the Houston Community College, South Campus, Houston, Texas.

  42. 2012

    l-ds is awarded the new City of Conroe project designing new pedestrian and transit improvements.

    Construction work for HISD Burrus and Herrera Elementary School commences.

    Construction completed for the Veteran Affairs Hospital Bio-Med Basement, Houston, Texas.

    Construction work commences for the Lone Star College, Cypress Center, Houston, Texas.

  43. 2013

    Completed construction of the Lone Star College Cypress Center, Katy, Texas.

    Completion of the Houston Community College Northeast College, Northeast Campus development plan implementation.

    Construction work to commence on San Jacinto Memorial Green, Midtown, Houston.

    Construction completed for HISD Burrus and Herrera Elementary Schools, Houston, Texas.

  44. 2014

    l-ds kicks off Design Guidelines Report for TIRZ 15 / EaDo, Houston, Texas.

    Construction completed for New Freedom pedestrian and transit improvements, Conroe, Texas.

    Construction work for Bus Livability pedestrian and transit improvements commences in Conroe, Texas.

    Construction completed for La Branch Street, Midtown Houston, Texas.

  45. 2015

    l-ds Houston Spaceport plan / renderings featured at SpaceCom.

    l-ds commences design for the Preliminary Engineering Report for the Phase I Infrastructure Improvements for TIRZ 15 / EaDo, Houston, Texas.

    Construction completed for the Bellaire Residence, Houston, Texas.

    Construction completed for storage addition for the Nathdwara Temple, Houston, Texas.

  46. 2016

    l-ds commences construction drawings for the Phase I Infrastructure Improvements for TIRZ 15 / EaDo, Houston, Texas.

    Phase II ornamental construction begins on the Nathdwara Temple, Houston, Texas.

    Construction commences on Holman Street, Midtown Houston, Texas.

  47. 2017

    Construction completed for the San Jacinto Memorial Green, Houston, Texas.