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M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


Houston, Texas


M.D. Anderson

Services Provided:

Architecture + Interiors
Planning + Urban Design

Located in the Texas Medical Center, the 55-acre campus of the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center is a world-renowned facility that treats more than 300,000 outpatients annually. llewelyn-davies sahni was commissioned to study ways to improve the internal and external movement of pedestrians, goods, and services.

Through the study, l-ds found internal circulation problems from the random mixing of patients and visitors with staff, supplies, and waste materials. Other concerns included the lack of clear entrances to major components of the complex and inconvenient departmental relationships. l-ds reviewed circulation patterns, documented pedestrian volumes, and surveyed interdepartmental proximity.

l-ds made recommendations that included arrangements to eliminate horizontal and vertical conflicts and to integrate the pedestrian circulation patterns that would arise from future projects. Because the final configuration of new additions could not be defined, the recommendations provided steps for flexible implementation.