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Bush Intercontinental Airport


Houston, Texas


Houston Airport System

Services Provided:

Planning + Urban Design

l-ds was part of the team that developed the Airport Master Plan and undertook the Image Plan endeavor which was developed as an appendage to the 2020 Airport Master Plan. The main objective of the Image Plan was to create a cohesive identity for the IAH Airport and its surrounding areas in order to improve the passengers’ travel experience, celebrate Houston’s rich history and cultural vitality as well as encourage economic growth.  Through the use of ground plane treatment, architecture, lighting and graphics, a common theme was created that could influence land use development and the creation of jobs, potentially improving the quality of life in the area. The Image Plan documented existing physical conditions, assessed opportunities and constraints and identified a framework plan that delineated five concepts to optimize the opportunities of the area while mitigating the constraints.  It also listed design elements that are vital to creating a sense of place, outlined mandatory and discretionary guidelines and presented implementation process flowcharts.